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Christmas Gingerbread Nativity

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As a little girl, gingerbread houses were not a tradition in our family. I can't even recall ever decorating one, although I feel like I must have at some point, but a specific instance is not a memory of mine. One year, I fell for the marketing trap at the grocery store and grabbed one of those premade, boxed gingerbread house kits. My girls LOVED making and decorating that gingerbread house, licking their fingers constantly, and showing off their design to all the family. EVERY year when the holiday season is here, at some point they look at me and ask, "When are we decorating our gingerbread house?" It seems this activity is not going away, and with a pastry chef in the family, it is now becoming a Christmas tradition. I am always trying to find new and creative ways to squeeze in the real reason for the season amongst all the presents, stockings, Santa Claus, and treats without turning into a broken record.

gingerbread nativity, gingerbread house ideas, gingerbread house, christmas gingerbreadCorn flake roof, tootsie roll logs, peppermint rug, wood floors, icicles- this is better decorated than my house.

So a few years ago a friend was throwing a Happy Birthday Jesus party at her house and an idea popped into my head. Why not turn the gingerbread house into a stable, and make our gingerbread men, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus! I don't know if you are this way, but I get on a kick and I just run with it. I took my kids nativity set and measured out the stable and began making a pattern, made gingerbread, and cut it out. As I watched it bake I was giddy with excitement wondering if this was really going to work?....It did! I made a set per family attending the Happy Birthday Jesus party, each family decorated theirs together, and was able to bring it home! Being a type A personality, naturally I saved my pattern in a baggy and stuck it in the Christmas box (I know who does that?).

gingerbread house, gingerbread nativity, gingerbread decoratingSee baby Jesus in his manger in there?

This year I found it and took it to the next level, I uploaded it into my Silhouette Studio and now have it saved as a cut file I can just recut on cardstock each year and I want to share it with you! Whether you have a cut machine or just want to print and cut it out by hand, this is a super fun way to turn a Christmas tradition into a teaching tool to reiterate the true meaning of Christmas!

 gingerbread house, gingerbread nativity, gingerbread decoratingGirls went crazy this year with decorations- solid hour decorating!

Here is the PDF to Print and Cut yourself

Gingerbread Nativity Page 1

Gingerbread Nativity Page 2

 gingerbread house, gingerbread nativity, gingerbread decoratingYummy too!!

Here is the .Studio3 file to cut with your Silhouette

Gingerbread Nativity 12x12

 gingerbread house, gingerbread nativity, gingerbread decorating             gingerbread house, gingerbread nativity, gingerbread decorating



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